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Why choose Us!


AuditMaid handles the full cycle of accounting duties or supervise others in the basic tasks, such as accounts payable. We code and enter vendor and expense invoices, run checks, bill customers and clients, and prepare bank deposits, ensuring that the correct general ledger accounts are debited or credited accordingly,  processing employee time-sheets, running payroll checks . We are full charge bookkeeping service that handles all banking needs, including reconciling monthly bank statements .


AuditMaid  also works with the trial balance and makes any necessary adjusting journal entries to correct discrepancies. The balance sheet and income statement are financial statements typically prepared by the end of the month.


Our services include data entry of accounts payable invoices and preparing bank deposits, helping to organize work flow and verifying accuracy of work.

We maintain strict confidentiality when working.
Confidentiality is the obligation of auditors and audit organizations to ensure the safety of documents received or prepared by them during the audit, not to transfer these documents or their copies (in whole or in part) to any third parties and not to disclose the information contained in them without consent of the owner (manager) of the economic entity. The principle of confidentiality must be strictly observed, despite the fact that the disclosure or dissemination of information about an economic entity cannot cause it, according to the auditor, material or other damage. Respect for the principle of confidentiality is mandatory regardless of the continuation or termination of relations with the client and has no time limits.


AuditMaid work for the result, which is the smooth uninterrupted operation of the company, as well as the order in accounting and taxation. We conducted many of inspections for our clients, the result of which is the almost complete absence of complaints to our clients from the tax inspectorate and regulatory authorities.

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